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Hi there! I am Kate and welcome to my little spot in the blogsphere. I chat about life, style, finances, and things that make me happy. My focus is on leading a more fulfilled and centered life.


In addition to blogging, I am also a wife and fur-mom. I have a yorkie, a setter mix and a cat named Sherman that I could spend all day lounging and playing with. My husband and I both love style and design but our biggest focus right now is our finances and becoming debt free. – Don’t get the mis-idea that we are spendthrifts, we have quiteee the impressive educational background and Sallie Mae notices to prove it. – We both also love being outside, travel and science. Yep – nerdz.

I find happiness in long girly books, Anthropologie candles and being absolutely ridiculous. I adore peanut butter cupcakes and Bordeaux. Yoga is my calm as well as cleaning and organizing (yep.. real talk…). I could eat sushi all day errayday with no regrets. I am also a pescatarian and huge animal lover and advocate.

I once tried to give up coffee, and that failed miserably. I have at least two cups a day. Health and fitness are super important to me. I care a lot about what goes into my body and I am one of those freaks who actually loves cardio.

I live in Florida, land o’ the tourist. (I am not kidding.) But it does have its perks and we always can find something to do and the weather is pretty fabulous year around (just dodge the hurricanes…).


Wanna know something, collab, or just wanna chat?

Kate (at) purposefullyfulfilled (dot) com






While I share in my blog about finance, I am in no way formally trained or experienced in this arena. All my thoughts, opinions, suggestions are a result of my own experience and independent research on various topics. As always, you should consult with a financial expert prior to making any financial decisions.

Additionally, I often share advice, thoughts, and suggestions with regard to fitness and lifestyle. While I have worked in the fitness world and hold a degree in psychology I have no formal degree or training as a fitness instructor, life coach or nutritionist.

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