Bennys & the Beach

Pilings on the PierI am happy to report that Garrett and I visited the Atlantic ocean this past weekend! It really shouldn’t be that big of a hoo-rah considering we live only 30 minutes away but in the two years we lived in Orlando, we only went to the beach once. (ekkkk!) It isn’t always Garrett’s jam but it is totally my happy place.

Bennys on the Beach Atlantic OceanWe ended up there because our new friends in the area invited us to brunch at Benny’s on the Beach. It’s this adorable restaurant with the majority of its tables on the pier outside overlooking the ocean. They have soo many veggie options too that are not just carbs galore — heaven!!

Pier Beach Atlantic Ocean Sign

Atlantic Ocean Beach View

Pier Atlantic Ocean View

Garrett Atlantic Ocean

Beach Atlantic Umbrellas

Atlantic Ocean

Palm Tree Atlantic Ocean Beach

We weren’t at the beach for long but we plan on making it back, ASAP! I mean – it is summertime sooo so sorry husband! 😉

xo – Kate


ps: did you know that today is the 15th anniversary for legally blonde?! #yourewelcome

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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

3 repel maui waterfall

Sorry, but I really couldn’t help myself with the title here and the TLC flashback. Anyways this is another Hawaii post and also about my favorite thing we did there. Waterfall repelling!!

So the first couple times we went down, it wasn’t actually on the waterfall itself. The first one was pretty short to warm us up. The second one down was longgg and the third one down was definitely the most challenging as it was on steep rocks right next to the waterfall and you actually “landed” in the ice. cold. water. (eepppp!!!!)

3 repel maui

3 repel maui 1

Naturally when they asked who wanted to go first in our group of 6, Garrett volunteered me. Haha.

To be completely honest, I was freaking out a little when Garrett booked it for us and also when it first began (haha). In the end, I am so glad we spent the day doing this!! Did I mention that the waterfall we repelled down is the one they used to shoot the original Jurassic Park?! It kind of makes me famous…. lol.

3 repel maui garrett and me

waiting to go down the last one!!!

3 repel maui scene

I am definitely dead set on finding other cool new places to repel so if you have any suggestions, please please please share. 😉

>> kate

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Road to Hana

2 leave only footprints 2

If you are going to Maui, you have to dedicate a whole day for this trek to Hana. As the saying goes “it’s about the journey, not the destination”. Seriously could not think of a better quote for it and the journey is best shown by a slew of photos. So here is a photomontage through the twisty switch-backing road that sorta kinda brings me back. 😉

2 peacock hana

made a friend as we began our journey!! … I had no idea there were peacocks on the island!!

2 sugar cane hana

2 road hana

2 twin falls hana

twin falls !

2 twin falls hana G

2 jeep road to hana

i realized that in Maui, there are two types of people. Mustang / convertable people… and jeep people. 😛

11 flower hana

2 eucalyptus tree

pretty much the coolest tree everrrr! … a rainbow eucalyptus tree. these are not native to Hawaii and actually imported from Papua New Guinea.

12 hana flowers

13 volcano tunnel

heading down the rabbithole!! … actually a volcano tube.. buttt when in Hawaii?!

14 volcano tunnel 2

25 black beach

really cool black sand beach when we actually made it to Hana.

26 mud hana

sooo we attempted to get to a private beach off the road to Hana but I couldn’t get through the mud without sinking!! Maybe I wouldn’t have been so worried if I found out before the journey (instead of the day after) that there are no snakes in Hawaii. hahah.

So, in short, this journey is a must but so are snacks, a full tank of gas, and ginger ale (there are a lottt of turns and cliffs !! ).


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10,000 feet up


1 sun peaking volcano

Aloha! 😉

There is so much to share from the honeymoon and our adventures that this will likely turn into two posts. As many of you already know – we went to Maui and it was quite literally magical. I loved it – even with its slow pace an’ all!

1 fly over states

Quick sidenoting: The –getting-to-Maui- was quite the situation. See, my eager beaver husband put my married name on my flight tickets. SO, TSA was none too pleased and we had to jump through a few hurdles to get there and get home. At least we weren’t going international?! Hah. Sooo we arrived after a delayed flight and missed connection later AND they gave us a handicapped room. Usuallyyyy these are more spacious but this one not so much and it was sans tub with a wheelchair accessible shower. Seriously. Nothing screams romance like a shower seat and metal handrails. But ALAS! –the front desk took pity on the ole honeymooners and relocated us. Lol

1 drive up the mountain

Okay. So Maui. Our very first morning we woke up before the crack of dawn and drove hours to the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeoussss and freezingggg. It was pretty awesome to look into the volcano. Did you know that NASA used that volcanic terrain to test out mars buggies?! NASA also has a huge research center at the tippity top.

Okay lotsa picture time.


1 volcano valley

1 volcano sunrise bright

1 volcanic terrain 1

isn’t the ground totally bizarre??! way different than the I-didn’t-know-what I was expecting 😉

1 jeep lookout

1 hawaii beach

a small random beach we found on the side of the road

1 hawaii flower

1 maui sunset

dinner was also gorgeous!! and super yummmyyy. we loved Honu (they also own Mala Ocean Tavern!)

yep. this post is gettin` longggg and there is nooo need to rush and squeeze such an amazing trip into a post or two. So stay tuned 😛


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