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So I’m getting married y’all! I say this like it’s new news, meanwhile it’s been over 365 days… But it feels like I should feel something. Like when it’s your birthday and someone asks “do you feel older??” and you ponder the question and if you are me you respond “no” and even if you respond “yes”, do you really?? 

I keep waiting for the trigger. The event when it will feel like this is it folks!! I’m about to be some poor soul’s wife! We picked our venue and I waited. Paused. Feelin’ it out. Nope – notta. Maybe with the linens. Nothing says “I’m a married person now” like scanning China with a wand in Bloomingdales. But no.

Side Storytime: we went to update our registry a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t a we-want-to-update-our-registry!!!!!” sort of thing. But more of a I-got-an-ambigious-email-from-some-registry-woman-named-Victoria thing. She emailed to let me know that a “large quantity” of items on our registry were being discontinued. Four days after we mailed our invitations. Obviously I was in a state of sheer panic since everyone knows that as soon as you get a wedding invitation you flock to the mall to make a purchase off the enclosed politely mentioned registry.

So instead of going on the beautiful canoe ride we had been planning all week (two days) I halted all courses of action Saturday morning so this atrocity could be addressed in the flesh!! So anyway. We get to the mall and meet with this wonderful lady who we met when we first registered and she proclaimed KALE!!! Hahah. She really did. I promise. See when we first registered there was a raffle going on and I won the fanciest crystal wine glasses but my name looked more like “Kale” than “Kate” on the piece of paper used for the drawing and thus she announced “Kale!” as the winner and I graciously accepted such a dazzling prize. #winning.

Okay. So we were back meeting with her (I really should know her name) and she let us know that there were only like 5 things that were being discontinued. None of which were direr. Thanks, Victoria. BUT since we were there we figured, why hey! we can add some items while we are here. Just to give our guests some more options, because we are considerate like that. Well Gar-bear’s parents happened to be in the mall too and came up to say “howdy” and to my amazement, this was their first introduction to the registry wand!!! How could it be so?! They were asking things like “so you just scan the code?” – okay, maybe that is all that they asked. But still. I was pretty amazed and kind of concerned about the struggle that would comprise a pre-technology registry. So today I think we should raise a collective glass to the registry wand. Because stressed out bridezillas getting random late Friday night emails from ladies named Victoria are scurry enough.

Side story –overandout-.

Back on track … I will admit I did feel a little summin when I was printing out our invitations. I was excited and I even fed the envelope through the printer right the first time. Complete guesswork and I prevailed! In all I ended up realizing the feelin was probably just my back giving out from being hunched over a macbook and printer and trying to place stickers on envelopes just so. Because people notice things like that. A sticker that is slightly more to the right than it is to the top.

I bet you read on in anticipation of just when I felt like a fiancé.

It still hasn’t come. I will keep you posted.




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