Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

3 repel maui waterfall

Sorry, but I really couldn’t help myself with the title here and the TLC flashback. Anyways this is another Hawaii post and also about my favorite thing we did there. Waterfall repelling!!

So the first couple times we went down, it wasn’t actually on the waterfall itself. The first one was pretty short to warm us up. The second one down was longgg and the third one down was definitely the most challenging as it was on steep rocks right next to the waterfall and you actually “landed” in the ice. cold. water. (eepppp!!!!)

3 repel maui

3 repel maui 1

Naturally when they asked who wanted to go first in our group of 6, Garrett volunteered me. Haha.

To be completely honest, I was freaking out a little when Garrett booked it for us and also when it first began (haha). In the end, I am so glad we spent the day doing this!! Did I mention that the waterfall we repelled down is the one they used to shoot the original Jurassic Park?! It kind of makes me famous…. lol.

3 repel maui garrett and me

waiting to go down the last one!!!

3 repel maui scene

I am definitely dead set on finding other cool new places to repel so if you have any suggestions, please please please share. 😉

>> kate

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