Brew Flow Whatcha Need to Know for Styling your Registry

registry strawberries cutting boardOkay. So to be completely honest, one of our favorite things that we had to do wedding related was do our registry. (the other was plan the honeymoon 😛 ). Although we still missed the mark on a few things– and there lies the inspiration for this post!

Here are some tidbits to keep in mind before you yourself become a scan-happy wizard. 😉

  1. Style It. Yep. Know what your general theme is for your flat or home and stick to that. Or stick to what it will be post-wedding. i.e.: don’t register for a Spanish styled serving plates as well as modern chic. Chances are you will not keep both and while both lured you in at the Bloomies, there is only one that really works with your interior vibe.
  2. Serving Ware. Speaking of serving ware – I am so glad I registered for plenty of it because I got the exact amount I think we need (for now ! ). If you love to entertain but do not have any pretty bowls or platters, here. is. your. Chance.!!!
  3. Neutrals. Part of the reason we didn’t struggle that much with picking a style is because we picked neutrals and moderns. We already have plain white plates, bowls, etc. (other wise this would be my suggestion) but we still went with a soft blue that came in funky shapes. Most of our serving wear is wood, marble or slate.
  4. Know Whatcha Will Use. This is where we went pah. We were soo happy to be scanning that we decided to register for china. This is what you do on a wedding registry right!?! Meh. Maybe for some people. But knowing that we are going to be flat dwellers for some time with minimal space and a more rustic modern vibe – it just didn’t make sense once we had it all to keep it. Well first, we didn’t get a full set and we pretty much agreed we were not up for shellin out the cash to finish it and then we realized, ummm where are we putting all this? So back to Bloomies it went. It wasn’t a total loss since people love gifting china and we got a fat gift card now from Bloomies – buttt we probably could have saved ourselves the headache of the return if we would have nixed it all together.
  5. Treat Yo Self. Okay.. this is something we knew going in and believe me – we did not hold back. Buttt some people need a little reminding. Even if you already have something, don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade! My favorite gift that we received is my new coffee maker. (thanks, Dr. Wilson!!)


Buttt we didn’t go entirely wrong. We nailed the “treat yo self” portion and ended up getting these amazing shun knives! Amazing, although I do still refuse to touch them. Japanese steal is sharp.

registry strawberries knife

And while a lot of women I know are swooning over their Kitchenaid mixers (we also got one of those!); I am in loveeee with my Kitchaid coffee pot. You can watch while it percolates which I find to be super cool and every last part of it breaks down easily so it gets shiny and clean after every use. (whudup OCD?!)

registry coffee put and knife set

registry coffee pot percolating

Knives and coffee pot are from here; while the cutting board and bowl pictured at the way top are from here.

>>> Kate

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