Debt Talk: Where to Start When You Have Nothin’

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Ahhh, so here it is, the first of the “Debt Talk” series. Every Friday I will be posting about debt: my personal debt, where we are in our payoff journey, and what we are doing to get to the place we want to be a little bit quicker. There will be a bunch of tips and tricks that I have heard about along the way or have implemented myself to get the debt out the door that much quicker.

As some of you know, I have become quite obsessed with paying off my debt post-graduation and around the time Sallie Mae showed me the final balance (except it’s not, because interest is a alive and well – but that’s another story). Literally nothing would be more fulfilling to me than having a debt-free life because that just screams of freedom in my world. Plus, what kinda #girlboss is okay with debt constantly looming over her existence?!

…But since Garrett was still in medical school for the last year and we were a one income household, planning a wedding, trying to figure out how to merge our finances, and also patiently waiting for match week and where we would be moving to – our debt payoff unfortunately took a backseat. … We didn’t ignore it entirely though – we did some great things since December 2015 like paying off two of my credit cards with help in part from my entire Holiday bonus.

At any rate, here we are on the other side! Garrett started his residency this week (whoop whoop!! Go baby, go!!) and we have always kinda thought July would be it. Well. That plan took a serious hit when Garrett found out last Monday that he won’t see his first paycheck for 3 weeks. Three. That is basically August. So my first thought, to be honest, was to wait to start this series – and wait to start our intense journey – until we were really seeing both incomes. Then I realized that isn’t exactly fair. There is plenty we can start doing now to help ourselves in the long run and tons of families AND single people pay off debt with just one income.

So – hence the name for the post – it kinda sorta feels like we have nothing compared to the incomes we thought we would be working with at this point. So we started with creating a plan:

  1. Creating a Budget
  1. (Almost) Depleting the Savings
  1. Determine What Our Reasonable Goals Are


Over the next few weeks I will be detailing these starter steps and then really dig in. 😉

xo , kate

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