Bennys & the Beach

Pilings on the PierI am happy to report that Garrett and I visited the Atlantic ocean this past weekend! It really shouldn’t be that big of a hoo-rah considering we live only 30 minutes away but in the two years we lived in Orlando, we only went to the beach once. (ekkkk!) It isn’t always Garrett’s jam but it is totally my happy place.

Bennys on the Beach Atlantic OceanWe ended up there because our new friends in the area invited us to brunch at Benny’s on the Beach. It’s this adorable restaurant with the majority of its tables on the pier outside overlooking the ocean. They have soo many veggie options too that are not just carbs galore — heaven!!

Pier Beach Atlantic Ocean Sign

Atlantic Ocean Beach View

Pier Atlantic Ocean View

Garrett Atlantic Ocean

Beach Atlantic Umbrellas

Atlantic Ocean

Palm Tree Atlantic Ocean Beach

We weren’t at the beach for long but we plan on making it back, ASAP! I mean – it is summertime sooo so sorry husband! 😉

xo – Kate


ps: did you know that today is the 15th anniversary for legally blonde?! #yourewelcome

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