No Spend November


Much like No-Shave November, except for your wallet. If you have never heard of a no spend month, it is a spending cleanse where you do not spend money on anything other than what you determine to be a necessity (tip: determine what that is before you start – usually it’s food, toiletries, gas, etc.). I know I’m posting a bit late but this isn’t an exact science so it’s not too late to give it the ol’ college try!

Our big goal for this month is to finally not exceed our budget. Budgeting is très hard, people, and we are still working at it.

So the hardest thing with a no spend month is not figuring out what the concept is or the goal, but rather how to keep that razor sharp focus. So here are the pointers:

  1. Christmas is coming up. Either your shopping is done (lolz.) or you have December to do it to it. I know. Black Friday is a thing. But not in this household and you can get your restraint on too. I mean how many scarves and skillets does one need?
  2. Splurging on yourself? see Numero uno. What’s the point of a splurge
  3. if Christmas gifts are coming right around the corner.
  4. Goals, baybe GOALS. December 31st is coming up and that also means so are your year-end goals. Don’t got um? Make um. It doesn’t just have to be financial, go for a run to meet that fitness goal instead of putting wear on that plastic.
  5. Don’t celebrate Christmas and goals are not your game? Plan a reward for yourself – a special day off, an inexpensive outing, a little gift.
  6. Cleanse. Consumerism is a thing and it doesn’t need to be. Remind yourself of what else is out there and how much we are restricted by an urge to have more stuff. 

These are just some things we trying to keep our mind on so we don’t spend the moolah … even if it’s not a “no-spend” month.

Have your own way of keeping the cards in your clutch? Lemme know.

xoxo -Kate


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