10,000 feet up


1 sun peaking volcano

Aloha! 😉

There is so much to share from the honeymoon and our adventures that this will likely turn into two posts. As many of you already know – we went to Maui and it was quite literally magical. I loved it – even with its slow pace an’ all!

1 fly over states

Quick sidenoting: The –getting-to-Maui- was quite the situation. See, my eager beaver husband put my married name on my flight tickets. SO, TSA was none too pleased and we had to jump through a few hurdles to get there and get home. At least we weren’t going international?! Hah. Sooo we arrived after a delayed flight and missed connection later AND they gave us a handicapped room. Usuallyyyy these are more spacious but this one not so much and it was sans tub with a wheelchair accessible shower. Seriously. Nothing screams romance like a shower seat and metal handrails. But ALAS! –the front desk took pity on the ole honeymooners and relocated us. Lol

1 drive up the mountain

Okay. So Maui. Our very first morning we woke up before the crack of dawn and drove hours to the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeoussss and freezingggg. It was pretty awesome to look into the volcano. Did you know that NASA used that volcanic terrain to test out mars buggies?! NASA also has a huge research center at the tippity top.

Okay lotsa picture time.


1 volcano valley

1 volcano sunrise bright

1 volcanic terrain 1

isn’t the ground totally bizarre??! way different than the I-didn’t-know-what I was expecting 😉

1 jeep lookout

1 hawaii beach

a small random beach we found on the side of the road

1 hawaii flower

1 maui sunset

dinner was also gorgeous!! and super yummmyyy. we loved Honu (they also own Mala Ocean Tavern!)

yep. this post is gettin` longggg and there is nooo need to rush and squeeze such an amazing trip into a post or two. So stay tuned 😛


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Where have ya been?! // Wedding!!!

sunflower rings

Oh, hey!! Long time – no chat. All with good reason as it has been nutsss around here. Not in the blogshere but in my life. In sum – Garrett and I got married, went on an amazingggg adventure-moon, Garrett graduated medical school and we relocated to south Florida for his residency!!! . All within 30 days. What. A. World. Wind.

SO I have SO much to catch up on!! … Also – there are some fun things I am going to start on here. *!!!* all in due time. 😉

First things first being, well, the nuptials. We had a storybook wedding that was absolutely perfect. I love this man so much!! We went for a rustic chic south of France kinda theme fitted with sunflowers and lotsa white candles. We wrote our own vows – although I could barely choke mine out – and danced into the wee hours. I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life building a life with this man. ☺

bridal party1


Oh and – ahem – it’s our one-month anniversary!! Whoop whoop!


photos by Cassie Peech & Co.

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Credit Scoring

credit cards

photo cred: bankrate.com

Why hello there friends! This post is about credit scores (did the title tip you off?). This is big people talk. I have been caring a lot about my credit debt for a quite a bit now but the credit score has only recently come back up (thanks to a friend that has been asking me about how to get her own finances in check).

There are so many whammies when it comes to credit. As she realized (and as did I when I began my debt pay down journey) if you are wanting to consolidate your debt to make the pay down easier or to get a lower interest rate, good luck! If your credit is already down the drain it is unlikely you will get approved for what would essentially be an additional line of credit — be it a personal loan or a lower interest rate credit card.

This can make the whole process that much more annoying and frustrating.  But! Don’t despair! There are options out there for the downtrodden debtors with crummy scores trying to get their financial health back in check…

  1. Review your credit report. Did you know you get three free?! yep. My advice is to space each out over the calendar year and pull one every 4 months to make sure all is well. This my number one piece of advice because doing just this helped my credit score rise over 100 points in just one month! (more on this later…)
  2. Work with your creditors. I get we all are not spewing money and the reason we are in debt in the first place is because we are not loaded with cash. Or at least I don’t think. Anyway … creditors are usually really understanding people if you can show them your budget, payment plan, etc. and will work with you to come up with a payback plan that fits with your income and necessary expenses.
  3. Pay on time. This sounds too good to be true but it can really help with your credit score. Pay your bills before becoming due just requires some calendaring and budgeting. If you see the due date approaching and the funds are just not there, go back to step 2 and give them a call to explain – hopefully the creditor will cut you some slack and extend the due date (just don’t make this a habit).
  4. Do not close accounts. Okay. This one didn’t really make sense at first to me and you definitely should research any and all of what I’ve written here before making decisions that can impact your financial well-being.  So, yeah. It would make complete sense to me to close credit cards that you do not use any more or after you clear the balance to reduce temptation but  halt! It is actually helpful to keep these lines open since when your credit score is calculated, your income debt and available credit will all taken into consideration. Thus, if you close off avenues of available credit, it will make your debt appear “higher” in the ratio.
  5. Pay off your most damaging debt. This goes with the debt paydown plan you choose but usually your most damaging debt will be credit cards that have the high interest rates versus student loans or a mortgage. This will provide more “open” credit for you and show you are reliable in paying back what you owe.

So to explain how I raised my credit score well over 100 points in just a month… it pretty much had to do with just taking an interest in my credit score. I had already been making payments on time and consistently to avoid late fees and raised interest rates and I was already on my debt paydown journey (I now only have one credit card with a balance!!) so pulling my credit report is almost all I had to do. I had pretty much contributed my low credit score to just all my student loans coming due as a recent graduate and just owing sooo much. It turned out it was actually the result of a *ding* on my credit score from a mistake with my doctor’s office. Getting it resolved took less than an hour and just a few phone calls to the collections agency and doctor’s office and submitting the right paperwork to the credit agency. It was all resolved by the following month and my credit score soared up!


Do you have any tips for raising your credit score?



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on the farm

farm cows

Hola! For the Saturday before Easter, Garrett and I drove down to Tampa to visit my dad and stepfamily at my stepsister’s home. It was great to see everyone especially since her daughter, Chloe, is now walkin and talkin like a boss! Heh. We went on a walk in the afternoon and my stepsister was like “let’s walk to the farm!” which sort of threw us off because we are in the middle of South Tampa. An area not exactly known for sprawling space let alone a farm.

farm boots

farm fresh eggs

farm cooler

farm payment drop

But there it was! Equipped with an adorable sign that encouraged “buzz on in!” It was pretty awesome to get so close to the animals and see where all the eggs, milk and honey were coming from that they sold.

farm bubble bee

Garrett was definitely the one taking the bee pictures…

farm bee hives

The whole experience made me yearn even more to own a home and have some chickens in the backyard. Ugh, the life of an apartment dweller. I just have to keep reminding myself that we are saving money and it will happen some day! (just not today…wah.)

farm gate



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t-minus 4 minutes

night sky rocket

Rambles on rambles on rambles………

On Tuesday around 9:30 PM Garrett and I loaded up and took the mini out East. By “out East” I mean an hour towards the beach and to what has been dubbed “the Space Coast”. All in good spirits to see my first rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center! I know – I am pretty much the worst implanted-Floridian (implant because I am just shy of being native having moved here in elementary school and worst because most people go see things like this within this first 20 years of living in FL… butttt yeah).

To be completely frank, I didn’t want to go. Not because it wouldn’t be cool but because it was a school night and apparently I am elderly. But then I had a comin’ to Jesus and realize HELLO KATE – YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! So that was that.


Side-cut story time!:: While we were driving I tried to capture a picture — in the dark, in a vehicle moving at around 70mph… — of the sign that indicated we were entering space travel zone. I took like 10 as we zoomed under the sign because that is what you do when you are moving fast and trying to get a decent picture. I had just ONE semi-good one. Then moments later we were at a fork in the road and by all accounts it appears as though we should go left but GPS Siri begged to differ and in the commotion of the conundrum I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE PICTURE. It was quite devastating and utterly hilarious all at the same time.


I am so glad we went and not to sound like a complete nerd or anything but it was a really really cool experience. All the fire and blasting, earth shaking and rumbling, people cheering and saying “ohhhh!!” – yep, it was a Blast. – see what I did there? haha. It was also pretty amusing to hear some fellow American’s shouting “MERICA” when it was a Russian rocket but hey, who’s counting!?

In real talk though, it was pretty brilliant to not just see this “tiny” (by comparison) rocket going into the atmosphere, but to visually see just how tiny we are in comparison to it. The sheer magnitude of it was memorizing. The science that must go into all that is pretty breath-taking as well.

Another thing that caught my attention were the fish. (yep Hubble, this is for you.) So we were headed East with all intention of going to the designated viewing area for the rockets but then prior to crossing the bridge, the hubble realized everyone was just pulling off to the side of the road to watch and once you climbed past a little brush, you were on a small piece of beach. Prime real estate for rocket watching. With the exception of the fish smell. Dead fish erraywhere. It was sort of ridiculous and I found out on the news this morning that some brown algae is to blame but even more than being grossed out, I was amused at how interested the tourists were. Taking pictures with said fish, moving the fish around, … it was just all very odd. Oh – and I hope they clear up this algae situation because fishies wanna survive!

Okay – I think that’s enough here of random mid-week adventure. too-da-loo friends!


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birthday blog

So here is a little not-quite-a-secret for ya! Garrett and I were born just six days apart. Thank means that we get to share birthdays!! (anddd it means that I don’t have my own birthday week to myself… it’s okay… I’ve gotten over it…. maybe..) Anyways.

During the commotion and stress that was our last week – I definitely forgot to share our mini-celebrations. Let’s be real. We had way too much going on in “real” life to do anything spectacular (more on all that later) but we did do some wining and dining.  Solo picture above. haha.

But FIRST, Happy Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Mr. Gar-Bear.

Then SECOND, I can’t believe I am 27. Twenty. Seven. I am not really sure at what age I thought I would have it all together but now that I am here, I kind of guess I always thought it would be by 27. A solid number. Twenty-five sounds too young and thirty sounds like you are cutting yourself a little slack. So do I have it all together? Absolutely not.

Don’t get me wrong. I have it sorta kinda together. That career thing is going well and I am getting married in two months. It just doesn’t feel complete yet though. I understand that children will help round that circle but I still feel like I, myself, still has sumthin missing. It reminds me of when I used to do puzzles as a kid (boy did I love puzzles…) and I would have a piece that fit, but not really fityet I would still try to ram it into that place it didn’t quite belong. In the back of my head I knew it wasn’t right but I just told myself it would do. Maybe that is what I am doing here? But will this life ever feel like a perfectly completely puzzle?

Maybe I am over-analyzing all this. (over-analyzing? who? me?!) I am just kind of curious of if I will always want more. (in a fun, upbeat sorta way 😉 )

Birthday Girl- out.

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Sista, Sista

4 farmers market

Ello! First lemme just say that this week has been crayyy-z so far. Between work and things going on in the hubble’s life, I am feeling pretty bug-eyed. BUT this past weekend my sister came up for a brief visit! We didn’t do anything crazy – helloooo Netflix – but we did get to hit the local farmers market on Sunday. I just love the fresh, cheap, local, perfect, splendid veggies. 😉 So without further a-do, here are some pics of our adventure!


1 fruits lemon stand

2 hotdog stand market

6 palm trees flag

7 sky line market

yeah, I don’t actually know these ladies….

5 market orchids

8 swan lake market

oh me gosh, I actually snapped this right after I was eye balling a swan that was further away (my yorkie was on the ground going poddy) and I turn and this one was right next to me!!! ahh! while so pretty, swans can be very vicious… and I am happy to report that no yorkies were harmed in the taking of this picture!

9 farmers market 2

10 fresh veggies market

11 coconut juice

12 travel orlando


ahhh, Orlando in the winter.



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But I Do Love Color


13 shelves home decor

Why, hello! I have to say I have been thinking more and more about home decor and defining my own preferred space vibe. It was kind of weird after I moved out of my parents home. It was sorta like I took on their style and thennn it was sort of like I put everything in a room that I liked. A little rustic italian blended with some trendy industrial, anyone? anyone? haha. It wasn’t quite a style but more a hodge podge of erraythang I found attractive. Now at 27 I feel like I have finally started to shape what my style is. bout time, eh? Sooo on that same token, I finally got around to redoing one of our main shelves to reflect the bright colors and wood tones that we love (at least for now……..dun dun dun!!).

15 shelves home decor

why yes, that candle DOES say “mmm… Nice Melons” & you may find it here.

14 shelves home decor
16 shelves home decor

blurry iPhone pics for the win!!

So there is some small snazzin’ with a few items we already had on hand.


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residency woos

flowers photo

Since we are a week away from “Match Week” (that flowers and rainbows week during your last year of medical school where you find out if anyone will take you as a resident and if so where you will be for the next 4ish years of your life) I am feeling a little anxious.

I know. My anxiety can nowhere near compare to that of the hubble’s since he is the one on the hot seat but it will affect both of us. My mind is and has been flooded with all the possibilities and it seems as though father time has slowed his arms. It is pretty bizarre to me that such a grandiose determination is just spit out at you in an impersonal email. Super weird also that you are only accepted to one place. That is it. Not just one place because no one else wants ya, but because that is how “matching” works. I was pretty dumbfounded when it was explained to me but I am relieved when I explain the process to friends and family and they have the similar “wahh??!” expression I had.

So Garrett may match anywhere in the nation and that brings about it’s own implications. My inner planner is having an ish show and my five-year-plan is like “hola, lady! ya forget about me?!” but all we can really do right now is wait. Yay!! haha.

ANYWAY. Big things and changes are a comin’. Hopefully this is just the anxious feeling as you climb a high dive. Inching your way up, nervous as heck, but when you swan dive off the feels engulf you and it is pure lovely bliss that awaits you.

Let this be a swan dive. We are at your mercy Match Week.




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life lately and dog festivals

dog fest garrett pookie

Last Saturday – sick of wedding planning and not in the mood for cleaning – we packed up the Pooka, stopped at Tako Cheena and headed east towards the dog fest! We had no idea it was going on until hubble stumbled upon it on the interwebs but it was right in our neck of the woods and a pretty fabulous time.

taco cheena

thai peanut tofu tacos – sooo yum!


pookie dog fest

dog fest view 2

pookie dog hurdle

pooka sayin “I don’t think so!”


italian ice options

sharing italian ice

mango (rules) and scoop froggie frog (idk? but the pooka and the hubble seem to really enjoy it. >>)

dog fest pookie ice

dog fest view

dog fest dogs


dog fest head

dog fest band

once again – I would prefer a dog’s life. kthx.

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