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2015 was quite the year. in februrary i said “yes” when garrett popped the question outside the restaurant we had our first date at and overlooking the lake sitting on the same bench where we shared our first kiss … and a bottle of wine … over a year before.

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to celebrate our engagement, new family and our respective march birthdays, we went on a trip to the british virgin islands with garrett’s family. it was my first trip out of the us of a and my first passport stamp! i was excited to say the least. we sailed around on a catamaran visiting and exploring the different islands by day and star gazing by night. take me back. please.4 6

in may i graduated law school with honors and with sadness that it was all over (yep, i lo-ved law school). during june and july i locked myself in a room for 12+ hours each day as i studied for the florida bar exam. august brought with it an exciting new employment opportunity with a very large local firm and the following month i found out that i could officially call myself an esquire. and now as i sit in my very own office (it has a door and everything) on the final day of the year, i am overwhelmed with gratitude for all i was blessed with this year. i conquered a dream i had since high school and although it wasn’t an easy road this past year, it was definitely one filled with perseverance and reward.

and from what i can tell, 2016 is not going to be slowing us down. 🙂

xoxo. kate

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Tis a New Year, So is that a New You?

Two days shy of the New Year *what what!*, if you haven’t started writing out those goals – it’s go time. But before putting pen to paper, pumpin’ lead into the mechanical or dabbing your quill in ink, I think it’s worth a thought of why we go through this task of outlining how we want to self-improve and how we can get the most out of goals

First- Skip the Generics

It is easy to say “I just want to become a better person” or “I want to be more content and listen to people more”. There is nothing wrong with wanting these things but in terms of goals, they are not capable of being measured. Set goals that are specific so you can see the change by years end.

Second- Pace Yourself

A year is a long long time. *Despite how much you felt like this one flew* I couldn’t tell you what my goal was last year – or if I’ve even achieved it. To conquer this problem felt by most, set a goal that has short term gratification and long term gratification and write it right into your daily planner. If you want to get in shape, write out your fitness routine and include a weekly and monthly goal progressing to what you want by the end of the year. Instead of saying “I want to be able to run a half marathon by years end”, include in there that you want to be able to run three miles by March 31st. Not only does this help you in the feels, it keeps you on the track.


Third- Clarify

Be specific. Know what you want to achieve this year and keep it to that. So you want to be a better person? How? Do you want to spend more time with your child or husband? If so, outline time on your calendar each week or month. Do you want to make others feel like they are appreciated? Set out a goal to acknowledge something great about someone at least once daily and add a check mark on the calendar date for each day you’ve met this goal.

Goal building for the new year – and in general – requires that you be able to pinpoint what the goal really is and be able to see it happening. *My love of planners is pointed out yet again* J

What are your goals and how can we get them on track?

Lemme know- below. 🙂




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Succulent Grilled Artichoke

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On our very first date my fiancé’s – to my horror – ordered the artichoke appetizer. Great. I am already pretty ungraceful and I had no idea what to expect. … It came out still looking very much like an artichoke and nothing like the only other artichokes I have ever seen that can in the dip format. I waited for him to eat the first piece because I had nooo idea what I was doing. BUT low and behold after a few “leaves”, I was hooked.


Artichokes are also considered a “super food” for all the health benefits it can provide. Artichokes have been linked to assisting with cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, liver function, and digestive health [she sounds like she knows what she is talking about].


At any rate, I wanted to be able to enjoy artichoke at home and without the expensive price tag of constantly eating it out. So the soon-to-be mister crafted this delish creation:
1 artichoke
1 mini bottle (187mL) white wine [Sutter Home white zin is what we use!]
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon butter
2 lemons

1.5 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Lemon herb dipping sauce
1. Add 3/4 cup water, wine, butter and chopped garlic to small pot
with lid. Set on stove and turn on high (make sure that the pot is large enough so the artichoke can stand up in the pot with the lid on).
2. Prepare artichoke by removing the top one third of artichoke; cut in half
lengthwise; scoop out center hairs [are you a see it and do it person?]
3. Cut lemon in half and rub the cut surfaces of artichoke with lemon.
Squeeze the lemon juice into the pot and put the halves of lemon into
4. Place the artichokes into the pot stem up – make sure they stay standing.
5. Once boiling turn the stove to low.
6. Cook for 30 to 40 minutes in pot – make sure the water doesn’t
evaporate fully.
7. Transfer to a grill (for 10 minutes) OR a skillet with ridges on medium heat [we use the skillet as apartment dwellers!] after having oiled the skillet with 1.5 Tbsp oil
8. Place artichoke cut side down for 5 min.
9. Turn the artichoke over for 5 min.
Serve with the dipping sauce



Let me know whatcha think!


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Tea Time with Teavana

Coffee and me are bffs. The deep aroma and shock to my usually exhausted system … during my law school days coffee was always my go to. I could easily consume six cups by mid-afternoon and still fall asleep with no problem. It was not until this last year when – to my horror – I started getting intense pains in my stomach and doctors told me I probably had gastritis. If you have never had gastritis – believe me, it is nottt something you want to mess with.

150803 2

My beloved beverage had apparently turned on me. Coffee while rich in caffeine is apparently also rich in acid, which can cause these tummy troubles that can be further aggravated by consuming it on an empty stomach (which I had definitely been guilty of). [all this is explained better here.]


Like any caffeine addict, I needed my brew but immediately set out to find a sub. The pain was unbearable but I am not into energy drinks because of all the “yuck” inside them and the separate toll they take on your body. So I turned to tea when coffee is a little too much for my system. Tea is absolutely natural and black tea specifically contains almost as much caffeine as coffee.


Teavana is now my “go to” spot to stock up on my teas. The employees there are knowledgeable and can even help you mix teas to create your perfect sip.!!! I steep it in the morning and put it on a thermos to keep me caffeinated all day at the office. My current fav is the black chai tea. Do you have any suggestions on what I should try next?



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Bacon Guacamole Recipe

My fiancé and I were together about a year when I first heard of his “famous” guacamole. I couldn’t believe that he held out on me for so long! He immediately offered to make it as an appetizer before we had some enchiladas for dinner (yumyumyum). It quickly turned into our sole meal for the evening with the assistance of some organic blue chips. It DOES call for bacon so it is neither vegetarian nor vegan BUT it is equally as good without the bacon. After much arm-twisting he gave me the recipe to share!!


Bacon Guacamole Recipe:
Time: 10 min
2 hass avocados
1 fresh lime
1/4 bunch cilantro
1/2 red onion diced
10 heirloom tomatoes
3 strips of favorite bacon (we love the pepper bacon at Fresh Market!!)
Tabasco sauce (optional)

Prep: dice onion, tomatoes, cilantro
1: Cook the bacon and set aside
2: cut open avocados and scoop 1.5 on them in bowl. Set other 1/2 aside.
3: mix up avocado until smooth consistency with 1/2 the lime squeezed in
4: mix in diced onion and cilantro
5: add salt, pepper, hot sauce to taste
6: add diced tomatoes and carefully stir them in
7: garnish with slices of remaining 1/2 lime, avocado, more cilantro
Note: if using large tomatoes deseed them first and dry them


Do you have a favorite (semi)-healthy appetizer?

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Makin’ it as a Minimalist

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.00.05 AM

Let’s face it. Minimalists are sprouting up all over the globe some equipped only with the bag on their back or with one of those adorable miniature houses [see!, super cute]. Many think that to be a minimalist, you must have only a handful of items, no “corporate” job, and take life as it comes while meandering the globe.


While for some that may be what minimalism is and who they are but does every self-proclaimed minimalist have to live so, well, minimal?


I think what truly got me thinking about this is a post from the Humans of New York Facebook page in which the individual is quoting saying that: “Conservation isn’t some huge sacrifice. It doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. I’ve got a nice flat screen TV at home, great furniture, a sauna, sporting goods, and all the clothes I can wear. Conservation just means that you aren’t constantly getting rid of perfectly good stuff to replace it with stuff that you don’t need.”


I feel like minimalism is a lot like this concept of conservation. To live minimal does not just mean limiting the number of things you currently possess, but to continue to appreciate what you do have and not just making a large purchase because a new edition or model came out.


With that said, minimalism does not have to be some hippie, left-wing notion of throwing all your possessions into a fire and venturing into the vast wilderness unequipped (do you know what book I am referencing?  ). Minimalism can be as simple as repurposing a glass food jar, toting a reusable bag and keeping your cellphone for more than a year.


What are your thoughts on what makes a minimalist a minimalist?



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Hello there!


Hi there! I am Kate and welcome to my little spot in the blogsphere. I chat about life, style, finances, and things that make me happy. My focus is on leading a more fulfilled and centered life.


In addition to blogging, I am also a wife and fur-mom. I have a yorkie, a setter mix and a cat named Sherman that I could spend all day lounging and playing with. My husband and I both love style and design but our biggest focus right now is our finances and becoming debt free. – Don’t get the mis-idea that we are spendthrifts, we have quiteee the impressive educational background and Sallie Mae notices to prove it. – We both also love being outside, travel and science. Yep – nerdz.

I find happiness in long girly books, Anthropologie candles and being absolutely ridiculous. I adore peanut butter cupcakes and Bordeaux. Yoga is my calm as well as cleaning and organizing (yep.. real talk…). I could eat sushi all day errayday with no regrets. I am also a pescatarian and huge animal lover and advocate.

I once tried to give up coffee, and that failed miserably. I have at least two cups a day. Health and fitness are super important to me. I care a lot about what goes into my body and I am one of those freaks who actually loves cardio.

I live in Florida, land o’ the tourist. (I am not kidding.) But it does have its perks and we always can find something to do and the weather is pretty fabulous year around (just dodge the hurricanes…).


Wanna know something, collab, or just wanna chat?

Kate (at) purposefullyfulfilled (dot) com






While I share in my blog about finance, I am in no way formally trained or experienced in this arena. All my thoughts, opinions, suggestions are a result of my own experience and independent research on various topics. As always, you should consult with a financial expert prior to making any financial decisions.

Additionally, I often share advice, thoughts, and suggestions with regard to fitness and lifestyle. While I have worked in the fitness world and hold a degree in psychology I have no formal degree or training as a fitness instructor, life coach or nutritionist.

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